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textile plants

In the field of synthetic fibre plants cora services gmbh is working together with well known suppliers, known for state-of-the-art processes and equipment supply.

cora services gmbh is able to offer process and equipment in the following fields:

  • POY spinning process
  • FDY spinning process
  • HTT spinning process
  • These spinning processes can be applied for PES and PA6.

    Besides the conventional spinning process cora services gmbh is able to offer also the special parallel spinning process.

    spinning equipment

    cora services gmbh is able to supply the following equipment for complete synthetic fibre plants:

    • extruder
    • spinning beams
    • polymer distribution piping and manifolds
    • dowtherm boiler
    • quenching cabinets
    • draw frame with godets
    • electrical cabinets

    Further more cora services gmbh is supplying the following auxilliary-/utility equipment in order to run a complete production plant:

    • chips transport and conveying systems
    • chips drying equipment
    • A/C units
    • compressed air units
    • chilled water units
    • demineralized water units

    As system supplier cora services gmbh is supplying as well:

    • spinning pumps
    • spinning pump testing unit
    • spin finish pumps
    • complete software for plant visualisation systems

    Typical components supplied within a complete spinnign plant:

    extruder spinning beam dowtherm boiler A/C unit